Audience Testimonials

  • Regarding Our Winter Concert - Jan. 22, 2023
  • “I came out…feeling full of courage, hope and joy…after your terrific concert!”

    “The concert was pure delight.”

    “Today's concert was magnificent.”

    “Thank you for the beautiful winter afternoon music. I'm so glad I didn't miss this concert!”

    “My friend and I enjoyed it so much. The soloists were amazing, weren't they?”

    “Thank you so much for telling me about the Women's Choral Society concert. It was exquisite!”

    “Every member…seemed so very happy to be singing. The collective, radiant joy was very infectious. I went home happy, had the happiest of dreams and am still on a cloud. Thank you for showing all the power of harmony.”

    “…loved how tight the harmonies sounded.”

    “…that was really a Delightful concert!”

    “Really, every song moved us or touched us or delighted us, all three. You're sure fun to watch!”

    “She talked quite a lot about the good feeling in the hall, among the audience, and about the delight of ‘discovering' something ‘new' in Eugene's cultural scene…Even though you're actually the oldest thing around! And she really admired your relationship with the University and your support of music students.”

    “It really felt like receiving a gift.”

    “The body acoustics perfectly matched and enhanced the lyrics. I also loved how tight the harmonies sounded.”

    "Fabulous performance!"


  • Regarding WCS concerts in the past
  • “The concert was really, really enjoyable. You all need to be very pleased with your performance. I liked the literature you chose, and in the shadow of the recent couple of days events, it was so timely. It was obvious that you had to work really hard to make that concert happen, and happen it did. It was terrific! ...What a fabulous group.”
    - Dr. Richard Clark, Emeritus Director of Choral Activities at the University of Oregon

    "What I am most impressed about is the quality of sound from beginning to end...The voices sound fresh."

    "Your voices just rang out with so much power and beauty. Many thanks for all the hours you spent and all the love that made the performance so delightful."

    "What a wonderful program. Kudos to everyone! And what a legacy it is to support UO singers as well through your scholarships. Awesome!"

    "I was very impressed with the Women's Choral Society's performance...The passion of everyone really came through, especially in 'Make Them Hear You' and ‘And Ain't I A Woman'....In regard to the a capella singing--the choir pulled it off with confidence!"

    "I particularly enjoyed the selections and arrangements. Thank you!"

    "Wonderful singing and an inspiring program."

    "You all sounded terrific! It was a wonderful concert. Congratulations to all!"


    "Excellent as always! Bravo!!"

    "Rain- 'clean slate' image and all lyrics are lovely and so was the music. The choir blended so well on this one - harmonies made a clear lovely sound."

    "La Luna was my favorite. The orchestration just stood out in my mind and the choir did it so well. It looked like a challenging piece to learn and perform and you really did it so well. The oboist was excellent---beautiful tone."

    "Wayfaring looked as if the choir had fun-letting loose in spots. Jody called the ending 'exquisite'."

    "I'm a Woman was a real crowd pleaser and the choir obviously liked it too."

    "Fabulous performance!"

    "The look of the group is very professional. The ensemble sound is lovely...The pianist is playing wonderfully...from beginning to end."

    "So glad WCS carries on! A most enriching aspect of our community. The obvious visual engagement of the performers is great. The people obviously love to sing."

    "The American Mass was exquisite!"

    "The Grace Notes were the best I've ever heard them. The S. African Suite was fabulous and I would have enjoyed singing it. Missouri---memories of my choirs."