Joining the Choir

Covid-19 Spring Term 

Womens’ Choral Society has been through a lot since it began in 1934. We are continuing through this pandemic and will come back stronger than ever. This is a temporary setback and not an end to WCS!

Our near-term goals:

  • Keep the WCS community connected and musically learning
  • Support our fabulous professionals, Greg Sojka and Vicki Brabham
  • Keep moving forward and be ready to sing together

WCS is holding weekly “virtual” musical sessions via Zoom technology with Greg Sojka and Vicki Brabham on Monday evenings -- for Spring term -- to:

  • Build your individual vocal skills,
  • Improve your handling of tricky rhythms
  • Practice hearing yourself to improve pitch
  • Get better at reading musical symbols
  • Participate with others in sing-a-long opportunities

Our next term's registration will be open at the end of the summer.

Some shots from our "Zoom to the Movies" session 7/29/20.